Keshoume Beauty Profiles

For those who are constantly struggling to find the right products, Keshoume has gathered individuals who were willing to send us a profile of themselves. What kind of profile you say? When we receive information from an individual, we create a profile that consists of information about that individual’s hair type, skin type, etc. Additionally, we ask those who provide us with this information to be as specific as possible; therefore letting us know what products they've used in the past, what's worked, and what hasn't. Keshoume profiles are used to be reference for other people. If you're struggling to find the right product, you can view people's portfolios, view what they've used and, choose which products you could use based on this information.

Why are we creating beauty profiles? Because not everyone can go to a dermatologist or a hair specialist — or has the time and money to buy a product, try it out, and ultimately waste money on a product that's just not effective. We're just trying to eliminate some steps and make it simpler by providing interactive feedback.

The more profiles, the better. If you would like to be of reference to others, please send us detailed information about what kind of issues you are trying to resolve (for example: acne problem, dry hair, chapped lips, etc), your hair/skin type, products that you've used in the past and what you currently use and how it's affected you.

If you'd like to be a part of this, please fill out the questionnaire at Beauty Profile Form or contact us at

Now, without further ado, we hope you enjoy the beauty profiles of all the amazing people who decided to be a part of the Keshoume community!

Beauty Profile-Mei Yasumoto

"Through this community, I want to share my own honest experiences and reviews of skincare products, and learn about the experiences of people."

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Beauty Profile-Jane Baek

"I love trying out beauty products and giving suggestions and resources to people because I believe in transparency..."

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