My name is Maaya Yamauchi and I decided to start Keshoume as a family business. Why did I decide to start this business? For many years, I struggled to find the right product for myself, especially for my face. Having sensitive skin prevented me from using many products. I would break out and get rashes and my face wouldn't heal for days!

Mid-2017, I put my foot down. NO MORE! Knowing that my home country, Japan, spends a ton of money on cosmetics and beauty products I decided to go full on Japanese and use Japanese products to find a solution. During my trip to Japan in 2018, I made a commitment; that I would trial and error products and would find a product that works for me. Though I found a product that works, I felt that it wasn't enough.

Not only do I still want to find products that work for me, I want to help those people who have the same issue. For people who can't go to a Dermatologist because they're too damn expensive and just want to find a solution. Which is where Keshoume comes in. This is the place where people can come to, find a variety of Japanese products that are hard to get or not sold in the U.S., and can refer to people's blog posts with before and after pictures that have interactive feedback.

What does Keshoume even mean though? "Keshou" means make-up in Japanese. "Me,” well it means me. It means "Make-up Me." The way you pronounce it is, "Kay-show-me." Ok, show me. So here it goes. Welcome to Keshoume!