Why Should You Create Foam With Your Facial Cleanser?

Why Should You Create Foam With Your Facial Cleanser?

If you’re passionate about skincare, you know it’s important to use your cleanser correctly, so it does its job without leaving any impurities behind. When you use a foaming facial cleanser, how you create the foam can make or break your routine.

Creating foam isn’t just about getting that pillowy feeling on your skin. Let’s look at how your skin can benefit when you lather up right.

When Should You Use Foaming Cleanser?

While foaming cleanser can do great things for your skin, it doesn’t work for everyone. Normal, combination, and oily skin types will benefit most, while dry skin types might find that their skin suffers with quick-drying foaming cleansers.

If your skin responds well to foaming cleansers, you’ll notice that it feels more refreshed, instead of leaving behind the sticky feeling that comes with many gel cleansers. Foaming cleansers are also easier to remove from your skin, making for a quick rinse.

What Does the Foam Do for Your Skin?

Foaming cleansers are much lighter than gels, which makes it easy for them to get into your pores and clean them out. The foam creates less of a burden on your skin, so you can rinse it off without causing other problems, like irritation or stickiness.

If you find yourself rubbing at your skin to rinse away your cleanser, you might want to think about switching to a foam one. The foam’s delicate nature means you don’t have to scrub, so you can say goodbye to redness.

When you use a foaming cleanser, make sure you whip up a fluffy lather before you put it on your skin. If you don’t, you won’t get the full effect of the product. That can mean leaving behind dirt, sebum, keratin, and dead skin cells, making for an incomplete cleansing.

How Can a Foaming Net Help?

You can lather your foaming cleanser with your hands, but other methods, like a foaming net, can help you get the best results. When you use your hands to create foam, the friction can make the bubbles too large, so you don’t get the light, rich lather you want.

Since a low-quality foam can irritate your skin, a foaming net makes it easier for you to avoid irritation and get a refreshed, revitalized feeling instead. Using a foaming net can also speed up the cleansing step of your routine by giving you a higher-quality lather so that you can get the maximum value out of your cleanser.

To use a foaming net with your cleanser, follow these steps:
1. Wet your foaming net.
2. Put a small amount of facial cleanser on the net and rub it into the net with your hands.
3. Remove the foam from the net by smoothing and flattening it with one hand while holding it in your other hand.
4. Wash your face with the foam.
5. Rinse the net and hang it to dry.

A foaming net lets you keep up with your skincare routine both at home and on the go. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference in the quality of your cleanse.

Sarah Wood - November 9, 2020

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