Using Health and Beauty to Cope With COVID-19

Using Health and Beauty to Cope With COVID-19

The pandemic has disrupted everything we knew as normal, including our beauty routines. Don’t worry—if you haven’t kept up with yours, you’re not alone. Thousands of people across the world have struggled to maintain their skin and hair care.

If you’re trying to get back on track and bring that healthy shine back to your hair, Keshoume is here to help. Check out these tips for using health and beauty to cope with COVID-19. 

Cleanse and Moisturize 

Since many of us are at home now, it’s a great time to let yourself go makeup-free. If you have kids you’re now homeschooling, putting down the makeup brushes can give you more time for other parts of your new routine.

When it comes to skincare, cleansing and moisturizing can make your skin feel healthy and smooth. Start by determining your skin type, so you can give your skin all the care it deserves. Try a facial mask, like the Kracie Hadabisei 3D Premium Face Mask—just not while you have a video conference.

Moisturizing and cleansing your skin refreshes you, and you get tons of benefits when you feel refreshed. You’re more productive at work, you have more energy, and you feel more capable and in control. During the pandemic, we want those things, and something as simple as a new skincare routine can get you one step closer.

When it comes to your hair, we won’t judge you for skipping a shower or two. Plus, with salons closed, many people have opted for DIY haircuts. But there are some simple ways to put that shine back in your hair.

You’ve heard of face masks, but did you know hair masks exist, too? If your hair suffers from extensive damage, like breakage and cuticle cracks, a hair mask conditions your hair even more deeply than your regular conditioner. You can use them as little as once a week, and soon you’ll see a difference. 

Create a Routine 

Even if you are home right now, that doesn’t mean you have more time on your hands. Plenty of people are working from home, managing homeschooling, and trying to create new routines or adapt old ones to fit this new schedule.

Keeping to your health and beauty routines during COVID-19 can mean having a constant in your life. You don’t have to change anything about it or try anything new. If you have a tried and true self-care routine, let yourself have that time to treat your body.

On the other hand, some people get bored with routine. Without the ability to go out, see friends and family, and spend time on the go, you might get restless. Use your beauty routine to challenge that boredom.

If you don’t yet have a beauty routine, but you think it’s something you want to try, now is the perfect time. Experiment with cleansers, moisturizers, toners, hair masks, and more. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but if any part of your routine isn’t working, trying something new might raise your spirits. 

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s important to forgive yourself if you’ve been slacking on your routines. As people across the world are stuck inside, it’s easy to let the beauty routine go. And it’s okay if you have.

Allow for disruption during this time—this situation is new to everyone. If you’re not on top of everything, start by doing what feels good to you. If all you can do each day is wash your face and brush your hair, let yourself have that.

The pandemic has created uncertainty for everyone, and we’re all feeling the pressure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful beauty routine. If you want to add something positive to your day, try using health and beauty to cope with COVID-19. 

Sarah Wood - May 25, 2020

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