Natural J-Beauty Products and How to Find Them

Natural Jbeauty Products and How to Find Them

As we’ve discovered more of the effects of using synthetic ingredients on skin and hair, more beauty enthusiasts have jumped at the promise of natural beauty products. At Keshoume, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about where to find natural Jbeauty products and if they even exist. Good news—they do.

Natural Japanese Beauty Brands


Kotobuki Kitajima created MiMC for people with sensitive skin. She needed products like these when she had trouble finding regular beauty products that she could use without irritating her skin. Her creation has helped people with skin trouble get access to beauty products by leaving out chemicals and preservatives.

Kitajima founded her brand to make safer products available to more people. MiMC is popular in many areas of Japan, and the company does not perform animal testing.

Aqua Organic

Aqua Organic uses a lot of fruit in its products. Fruit contains moisture and vitamins, both of which benefit the skin and hair. Almost all of their products are completely natural and organic, with a few exceptions.

The company does no animal testing. The company makes it their goal to protect their buyers’ skin from harmful chemicals, instead helping it heal.


Many people in and outside of Japan know Three not only for its natural ingredients but for its superior quality and excellent color in its cosmetics. The company understands that its consumers aren’t just buyers but people.

Three doesn’t use artificial ingredients or animal testing, and they have 14 different oils all produced in Japan. Above all, Three focuses on improving its customers’ skin health with natural products.


Naturaglacé makes its products in Japan using natural raw materials. Most of its products are unscented, making them great for people with skin sensitivities. All scented products have a subtle, natural floral fragrance. The formula and texture of these products make you feel light and relaxed after you use them.


Shiro is one of the most famous natural cosmetics brands in Japan. They have transparent ingredient lists and sourcing information, which helps customers choose products that work best for their skin types.

Shiro uses uniquely Japanese ingredients, like adzuki beans, for closing pores and Tamanu to moisturize. All of Shiro’s products are vegan and organic.

What Makes Beauty Products Natural?

As the name suggests, natural beauty products use products found in nature. These components can include plants, fruit, vegetables, and even adzuki beans. However, natural products don’t guarantee a product’s safety, just as not all lab-made products are bad for you. Some plants are still dangerous to touch or ingest.

You’ve probably heard of some ingredients you should avoid in beauty products, but others are harder to identify. Here’s a list of ingredients you should avoid when possible and why:
• Aluminum: Can disrupt endocrine system function
• Ethanolamine compounds: Can accumulate in your body and cause organ problems
• DMDM Hydantoin: Can cause joint pain, allergies, headache, and sleep trouble
• Mineral oil: Clogs your pores
• Parabens: Can contribute to hormone imbalance
• Polyethylene glycol: Can dry out your skin
• Phthalates: Can interfere with hormones
• Siloxanes: Toxic to your reproductive and endocrine systems and harmful to wildlife
• Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate: Can clog pores and irritate eyes and skin
• Triclosan: Can cause thyroid problems and cause cancer
• Synthetic fragrances: Contain many unlisted and undisclosed ingredients

How Do Natural Beauty Products Benefit You?

Natural beauty products are better for the environment than synthetic ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re less effective. In fact, many people find more success with natural beauty products than others.

Natural Jbeauty products can:
• Reduce irritation on your skin and scalp
• Improve the look of your skin and hair long-term
• Lower the likelihood of allergic reactions

They also tend to smell better and make your skin and hair feel cleaner than synthetic products. Perhaps one of the most incredible benefits is that more people can use them. Where synthetic products use ingredients that irritate the skin, clog pores, and can create health problems, natural ingredients are less likely to do that, even for people with sensitive skin.

Does Keshoume Carry Natural JBeauty Products?

While Keshoume does not currently carry any of the brands listed above, we do carry many products that contain natural ingredients alongside lab-made ones, like the BCL Momo Puri Moist Cleansing Wash. We’re continuously expanding our stock to offer a wider range of skincare products that more people can use.

Sarah Wood - October 26, 2020

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